Apple HomePod New Zealand Price And Release Date

Apple’s HomePod smart speaker with Siri built in was unveiled at Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference 2017 commonly called WWDC, back in June of this year at a price tag of about US$ 350. The HomePod smart speaker was made to compete with the likes of the Amazon Echo with Alexa voice assistant built in and the Google Home with the Google assistant built in.

Both these smart speakers from amazon and google have been entirely dominating the market space for AI assisted speakers. The Amazon Alexa Dot in particular has been selling really well. Apple also wants a piece of the pie in the smart speaker segment and have released The HomePod in this space.

apple homepod new zealand

The Homepod speaker was initially supposed to release towards the end of this year but Apple has shifted its release to Early 2018. This isn’t a bad move if Apple wants to release a more polished device than roll out an unfinished one. The Apple HomePod will be available in early 2018 in The US, UK and Australia. It should also be available shortly after that in New Zealand and you can expect a price tag of about 550-585 NZ for the device. It should be interesting to see how well this stacks up against other smart speakers in the market and how it takes Apple’s Homekit plans forward this coming year.

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The HomePod speaker promises Hi-Fi quality audio with the use of 7 tweeters and a 4 inch subwoofer that fires upward. It also has a small display at the top but its purpose is yet to be unveiled. The Apple HomePod is also known to work only with Apple Music which isn’t a surprise with it being an Apple product and how closed the Apple ecosystem is. Clearly Apple has placed this as a premium smart home speaker rivaling the likes of the Sonos speakers and also goes head to head with the Google Home Max that is also priced very similarly to the Apple HomePod.


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