How to connect HomePod to Apple TV?

The world is getting smarter with time and with the accumulation of huge amount of smart electronic devices that eases our way of living. Internet of things has become a common topic in every home. Every person wants to own a much smarter device than the one he owned yesterday. Also, he wants to make maximum use of his smart device in every possible way. A connection of a HomePod to an Apple tv is a smart idea that originated in a human brain.

connect homepod with apple tv

A HomePod is neither commonly used as a tv speaker nor tv companies advertise its use. But if you want to achieve more benefits out of this smart device, converting your HomePod into a tv speaker is absolutely possible. If you own an Apple tv and want to make use of your HomePod with it, AirPlay helps you make a wireless connection. At the same time, there are few things that you need to consider. First, the HomePod connection works only with fourth generation (or newer) Apple tv. The older tv models are incompatible with this process. Second, both the HomePod and Apple tv require the same wifi connection.

Here, we are sharing a few ways that will help you with the HomePod connection.

Method 1

This is the most commonly used method. Start with your Apple TV home screen and follow the instructions given below,

  • Go to the Setting icon
  • Go to the Video and Audio
  • Scroll down to the Audio Output
  • Select your HomePod

Method 2

If you do not want to deal with choosing from number of options in your Apple tv Settings, the remote control in your hand can help you connect your HomePod with the tv. Here are the instructions,

  • Swipe down on the apple tv remote control
  • Slide over to the Audio on your Apple tv screen
  • Select your HomePod

Method 3

If you have tvOS 11 installed, here is the easiest way to connect your apple tv to the HomePod.

  • Go to your Apple tv Home screen
  • Hold the pause button on your Siri remote (a new AirPlay menu will pop up)
  • Select your HomePod

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If you have no sound system for your tv, then the option of using your HomePod as an alternative is the best choice. At the same time, there are few glitches that you might face while using your HomePod as a TV sound system such as, your Apple tv will pause the video to tune playback with the HomePod. This will result to delay in the video content or movie that you are watching. Also, you will have to manually reconnect your HomePod to the Apple tv every time the speaker plays from another device. But the benefit of saving investment in a sound bar and the efficiency of a HomePod will compensate all the limitations. The arrival of AirPlay 2 that connects two HomePod to an Apple tv acts as a gold bar to the smart world lovers.

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