How to reset Apple HomePod

Methods To Reset Your HomePod to its Factory Settings

HomePod is the latest innovation of Apple Inc. It is a smart speaker which helps you to create an entirely different experience at home. With this device, you can control your house and all the household tasks with ease. It also helps to change the ambiance of your home with the help of music. HomePod is also absolutely easy to set up. Your iPhone, an active Bluetooth, and a stable Wi-Fi network are the only requirements needed for the setup.

Apple HomePod

Even though this user-friendly device is pretty much efficient compared to other types of speakers, there is a chance that you might experience certain troubles with the HomePod. For instance, if the speaker becomes unresponsive, it is necessary to reset it to its factory settings and erase all its contents. To do this, you can either use the Home app on iPhone or you can manually reset the HomePod on the device itself.

How To Reset Your HomePod Using the Home App

This is by far the simplest method to reset your device to its factory settings. If you follow the steps given below, your entire device would get formatted easily.

  • First of all, open your Home app and ensure that your iPhone is signed in with the same Apple ID you used while setting up your HomePod.
  • Open your Home Tab and find your HomePod.
  • When you press and hold your HomePod icon, it shows a ‘Details’ button. Click on that button.
  • A new page appears on the screen of your device. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on ‘Remove Accessory’.
  • After this process, your device would take several minutes to restart and erase all its contents. Once it gets restarted, you can start using the device normally.

How To Reset Your HomePod Using the Hardware itself

If in case you are not able to find the HomePod in your Home app, you can try to reset the HomePod using its own hardware. The steps to be followed are given below.

  • Initially, you have to unplug your device and then plug it back in.
  • Press and hold on the top of the HomePod with your finger. You should not lift your finger between the process, or else the entire process would have to be restarted.
  • After a few seconds, the spinning white light on top of the device will turn red followed by the voice of Siri to inform you that your device is about to reset.
  • Keep pressing the device until three beeps are heard.
  • The entire contents of the device will get erased after this process.

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Almost in all cases, either of these two methods would be enough to deal with problems on your device. If both the methods fail to help you in the resetting process, then you do not have any option other than to take your device to an Apple store. Hence, it will be better to try out these two easy methods to factory reset your device before running to a store.


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