Why you should buy the Apple HomePod

Apple’s revolutionary speaker, the Siri-enabled HomePod, is all set to arrive in stores in December 2017. The speaker is priced at $349 USD in the US, and prices will translate accordingly in the UK and Australia. These three countries will be the first to get their hands on the smart speaker, with other countries to follow shortly afterwards. The big question is, should you wait a couple more months to buy it, or should you simply head to a store now and get the Google Home or the Amazon Echo Dot instead?
We are rooting for the Apple HomePod, and not because we have some extra cash lying around. Let’s discuss our choices here.

should i buy apple homepod

High end technology

Let us forget, for a moment, all the cool things that the HomePod can do. No worries, we will get back to them later. But for now, let us focus on what the HomePod ultimately is: a speaker. And the HomePod delivers phenomenally in this respect. It is packed with some seriously cool technology, starting with the 14 inch woofer 6 microphones that are designed by Apple, and powered by Apple’s own A8 chip. It also sports seven beam-forming tweeters. And that is not all; the HomePod is smart enough to have spatial awareness, which allows the speaker to provide you with virtual surround sound anywhere in the room. That means, the HomePod will locate your position and adjust its tweeters and woofers to ensure that you get the sound in each location in the room.

apple homepod internal components

Voice control

Besides, the Apple HomePod is the first device from the company that is a standalone product for the living room. It provides you with an exceptional audio experience, and the pleasure is compounded by the fact that you get an all-in-one assistant built into the system as well which you can control with voice commands. The speakers have HomeKit support, along with a more intelligent Siri. The voice controls are an added bonus, of course; it helps Apple’s cause when you don’t have to fiddle around with a remote control every time you want to change the song or control the volume.

Superior quality sound

Since you are buying a speaker, it is of course a given that you will want the best sound quality possible. The Apple HomePod will not bring the concert to the room, but it will do the next best thing. You will get a better sound out of your HomePod than you will ever get out of the Amazon Echo or the Google Home. Imagine getting to hear the same quality and volume of sound no matter where you move into the room. Besides, the sound quality ensures that you can differentiate between each musical instrument being played distinctly.

homepod spatial awareness

The Apple HomePod is priced at $349 US dollars, and will translate accordingly in AUD and GBP. At this price tag, it is definitely pricier than the other speakers available in the market. However, as far as speakers go, we will still bet our money on the HomePod despite the higher costs, simply because it is much more convenient to use, and most importantly, because it will give us the best sound quality that money can buy right now.

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