Can We Play Music On HomePod Using Android Phone?

HomePod is one of the best smart speakers launched by the Apple Inc. This device was released all over the world on February 9, 2018. With the help of this speaker, you can convert your ordinary home into a smart home.

You can easily operate the HomePod using your iOS device. This device also has the ability to detect the presence of people and adjust its volume automatically. This smart device will help you to control the entire household tasks easily.

One of the major advantages of this smart speaker is that it has voice recognition features in it. If you ask the speaker to play a song, it will immediately start playing the music you wish to hear. Even if you are at the far end of your home, this speaker will definitely hear your commands.

Apple HomePod release date in UK, Canada

Though you can control it with iOS smartphones, it is not possible to do it with your Android phones. The various technologies in this smart speaker will not be able to recognize the commands given using your Android device. Hence, if you are using an Android smartphone, you will not be able to play any music through the HomePod. Only an iOS device will help you to play your favorite music via the smart speaker.

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